RAN offers a wide range of services, including RA-Aus flight training, endorsements, flight instructor training, formation training and aircraft (RAA registered) maintenance at Cessnock aerodrome

No previous experience or knowledge about flying is necessary.
Learn to fly: 
  • Ab-initio flight training – Basic flight training for all pilots.
  •  Recreational Aviation Australia Pilot Certificate. This can be your first step to a career in aviation
  • Our in house simulator can be incorporated into the flight training. (Designed for VFR (Visual Flight Rules)) - Photo shows the instructor at the rear controls with a student in the cock-pit. Temporarily unavailable due to upgrade.
  • Career as a pilot! All training for a career in Recreational Aviation (RAAus) is available in-house at RAN.
  • RAN has & can assist in training those individuals who wish to become a commercial pilot (CPL). Obtaining your CPL means that you can work in the General Aviation (GA) community. Then obtaining your Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) means that you can work as an airline pilot. CPL & ATPL licences are offered by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and require a number of competencies, theory based training and minimum number of hours to be job ready. RAN is able to offer specific training in the following competencies: Abinitio Flight Training, Endorsements, minimum number of hours. 


  • General Aviation (GA) Private Pilot License to a Recreation Pilot Certificate
  • To different aircraft types 
  • To single seat aircraft;
  • Other Aviation licence standards to RAAus 

Endorsements (Recreational Aviation Australia):

Type, F, Px, R, 2S, NW, TW, X, RU, AP, LL, APA, HF, WF,WH
Formation; Passenger; Radio; 2-stoke motor operation; Nose Wheel; Tail Wheel; Cross-Country; Retractable Undercarriage; Adjustable Propeller; Advance Pilot Award; Human Factors; Water Operations Floats; Water Operations Floating Hull.

We specialise in:
  • Cross country
  • Tail wheel
  • Formation
  • Instructor training
  • Human Factors
  • Type training

Theory classes
Advanced Pilot course 
Full Time courses available. 

Maintenance Services
Specialising in ROTAX powered aircraft.

Short Final Runway 17 YCNK 

Ready for another Training sortie

Tecnam P2002JF Panel 

Advanced Formation Training. Yes we do actually fly also.