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posted 19 Apr 2017, 02:43 by Keith McGeachie   [ updated 19 Apr 2017, 02:43 ]

We have added a retractable undercarriage Tecnam P92RG 2000 Super "Echo" to our fleet. It also has a Constant Speed Propeller and an Auto-Pilot. This is available to gain your Constant Speed Propeller and Retractable Undercarriage endorsements.

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posted 23 Dec 2013, 22:40 by Keith McGeachie   [ updated 9 Aug 2015, 20:48 ]

Cross Country flight
One of our Tecnam's flew to Broken Hill for the 75th anniversary of the Broken Hill Aero club and the 85th anniversary of the RFDS. The flight out was via a coffee stop at Dubbo (YSDU) a fuel stop at Bourke (YBKE) and a flight down the Darling River to Broken Hill (YBHI) (the scenic route?) including a stop at the Tilpa Pub for an ice cold cola. The return trip back to Cessnock (YCNK) was a 4 hour leg direct to Dubbo (yes another cup of coffee) then home. The fuel burn was 18 litres per hour

Gift Certificates

posted 7 Dec 2013, 03:24 by Leighton Judd   [ updated 9 Aug 2015, 20:49 by Keith McGeachie ]

Gift Certificates are available for Trial Introductory and Training flights and are an excellent gift any time.
Request a Gift Certificate.

Formation Training

posted 28 Nov 2013, 23:04 by Leighton Judd   [ updated 19 Apr 2017, 02:38 by Keith McGeachie ]

Formation training is in progress again - Contact us if you would like to be involved


posted 28 Nov 2013, 23:02 by Leighton Judd   [ updated 9 Aug 2015, 20:50 by Keith McGeachie ]

Simulator Training

posted 28 Nov 2013, 23:01 by Leighton Judd   [ updated 29 Nov 2013, 00:14 by Keith McGeachie ]

Virtual simulator is NOW IN ACTION. This can be used for both prospective pilots and pilot partner's training.

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